Press Play Music & Sound Effects

Every time you license a work from J&G, you will receive our PRESS PLAY CD.  It comes automatically with your materials package!

What will PRESS PLAY do for you?

Well … for one thing, you’ll never have to shop for, or pay additional charges for, music or sound effects.  Your PRESS PLAY CD contains all the sound effects and/or music that you will need to perform your J&G play or musical in a very easy to work system.  There’s no need to learn how to operate new equipment.  All you need to do is press … play, pause or fast forward.  It’s that easy!

Have you ever wished you could do Musicals at your theatre, but there’s no room for musicians?  Or maybe your budget just won’t allow for the extra costs to perform a Musical?

Well … PRESS PLAY puts an end to all that!  In addition to all your sound effects, your PRESS PLAY CD contains all the music ready to rehearse and perform to.

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