who we are

We are a team of dedicated creative professionals who have come together to provide powerful business solutions.

Welcome, we are J&G Unlimited where we mean, “unlimited”. We provide tools and resources for creative industries such as the theatrical and for unique business organizations such as the IBOs of Amway.

We have a unique insight into the needs of these types of businesses and use our varied skills to make magic happen for them!

Our skills include: Video Production; Music Composition; Audio Engineering; Lyric Writing; Script Writing; Marketing; Public Relations; Graphic Design; and Illustration.

We have a sound studio; a digital print shop and bindery; production specialists and the ability to reproduce top quality audio cd’s and source merchandise and other printing resources.

What we do

We create tools and resources, then help you get the word out
​through powerful distribution mediums!

We formed J&G knowing that our skill-sets were varied and our interests broad-reaching.  We planned ahead to be able to offer to you, our valuable customers, some very unique and sometimes otherwise not offered anywhere else solutions.

We began as playwrights and music composers with a powerhouse art/web and marketing resource backing us up, and eventually found that our customers needed and wanted much more than just the entertaining theatrical works we produced.

Having proven our abilities with our own products now sold under the moniker of “TLC Scripts“, the theatrical licensing arm of J&G Unlimited, we now offer our individual skills to our clients by creating for them, websites, audio and video works to help them promote their own businesses.

Partner Gary Murway has been involved with Amway and Amway IBO’s for many many years and with this

knowledge, we recently created a new product specifically for these businesses, that helps them recruit and maintain more IBO’s.  We call this product, UMAT which stands for, “Use Move And Teach”, and you can learn more about that below.

We also bring to our customers, some valuable message distribution mediums such as the online pop-culture publication, Nu Vibez Magazine; the top 100 music hits radio station, iMoogi Radio; the internet television and video distribution of iMoogi TV.  These mediums above reach an online/internet based audience of more than 30,000 people and if we add the streaming into virtual worlds options, those numbers go into the millions.

Today, we’re in the process of creating our own theatrical radio station that we call, CenterStage Radio.  We already stream our own music, and invite you to add yours to the rotation.  We’ll be adding Theatre of The Mind programs soon, and some really fun talk show programs.

our products & solutions

Our skills can be brought to bear for your situation the way you need it BUT, we have a series of specific products already put together.

Licensing of plays and musicals
We represent writers of plays and musicals,
​helping them get their amazing works on stages
​around the world through our ​licensing
​arm, TLC Scripts.
Aim for Applause
Aim for Applause is a daily news paper we produce, online, focused on all things theatre and theatrical, for a varied audience of interested parties.
UMAT (Use move and teach)

Use Move and Teach (UMAT) is a tool for Amway AP’s  to provide to their IBO’s.  These tools help all members recruit, maintain and help each other conduct their business, for a fraction of what it may cost elsewhere to develop, and with a highly Amway-knowledgeable team to create and support.

gypsy stage company
Gypsy Stage Company was created to help performers bring their independent creative works together.  We build unique shows around the talents and works we find “off the beaten trail” and produce them for varied audiences.
center stage radio

CenterStage Radio was created to share the music of the works we represent, as well as Theatre of The Mind programming and great interviews with talents of all kinds, to our fans.  We are now welcoming more artists to present their theatrical music.


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